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Artigo Interessante sobre custo de vida em Gatineau vs Ottawa

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Olá Canadá disse...

Oi! Gostaríamos de saber mais. Conte a sua experiência. Se der entre em contato com a gente! Estamos indo em 2016 para Vancouver ou Toronto. Queremos ouvir mais pessoas que estão aí...

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Dan e Jo

Haus disse...

In almost all scenarios, living in Gatineau is significantly more financially beneficial than living in Ottawa. Regardless, financial reasoning isn’t the only reason, but, it is a significant one. Everyone’s situations are unique and individuals must make decisions based upon what’s best for them.

All I ask is that you take the time to compare apples to apples. Never believe one-liners that you read in the media or one-off statements that you hear someone say. Take the time to do your own assessment and if you make the decision to spend more to live in Ottawa, do it for reasons that best suit your needs. Don’t do it because you’ve tricked yourself into believing that you’re doing it to save money, because chances are you are not.